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Coleman 28L Cooler and Coleman 1.3 Polylite Jug

With two moulded cup holders and a smooth finish, the Coleman 28L Cooler is perfect for those weekend picnics and beach days. The lid is easy to clean, and comfortable to sit on with a weight rating up to 113kg. Made with low CO2 emissions technology, the Coleman Excursion 28L cooler environmentally conscious, and has enough insulation to keep your ice for up to 2 days!


Coleman Polylite Jugs are the perfect companion for a family picnic or a working tradesman! The 1.3L jug has a comfortable bail handle so you can easily transport from the workplace, to the backyard anytime, anywhere. The leak resistant lid also makes sure the jug leaves you with a dripless supply each and every time!

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Coleman 28L Cooler Features:

  • Easy clean top
  • Two cup holders
  • Sleek new ""right sized"" comfort grip handle
  • Easy one hand opening
  • Hinged lid closes securely
  • Manufactured with ""low C02 emissions technology

Coleman 1.3 Polylite Jug Features:

  • Wide mouth, screw-on cap for easy filling and bail handle for comfortable/easy transport 
  • Fliptop spout opening for even pouring and sipping
  • Liner is stain and odour resistant

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